Resume of Sorts

More accurately, excerpts from a resume.

The fact is, I do not really remember whose print ads I did back in 1996 and what I was actually advertising on the telly. I cannot recall all the random performances I gave, especially when other people were the ones arranging, scheduling, and then driving me around. However, for a few random pieces of my life…


? (1996), Print Ad, Syracuse, New York.

My first ad was for clothes. I think. I was the smallest person present and thought that the taller and older models must have fun being tall. Unfortunately for that ambition, I never grew up to be very tall…


The Sound of Music (1996) Gretl, Manlius, New York.

I cannot claim to remember what the name of the theatre was. It was my first open audition and my first time in a “bigger” theatre. It was here that I first learned more about nuns and began wanting to be a nun. There actually are a few convents/nunneries in the United States!


Violin, Concertmaster (2008-2012, 2010-2012) Drew University Orchestra, Madison, New Jersey.

I had not performed or played the violin much since my last (and only) performance at Carnegie Hall. I had an unfortunate incident that made me no longer want to perform on the violin. I started playing again in college, I feel that I have never quite returned to the level I was at before I stopped.

Teaching Experience

Violin Intern (2013) Luria Academy through Red Rabbit Music, New York, New York.

Luria Academy is an alternate school that had group violin lessons. I value the experience, because it was different from what I usually do, but I came away deciding that I prefer to give private one-on-one lessons.


Drew University, Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Psychology, May 2012. GPA: Computer Science: 4.0; Psychology: 3.8; Overall: 3.8.

There are a lot of other random awards and societies and honours I can attach to this, but the part I like is where I finished my computer science major in 2 years and got a 4.0.


Languages, instruments, etc. Lots of interesting things.

I am tired of working on this page now, so I shall stop here.