Sophie Sauveterre

Sophie Sauveterre a commencé l’étude du violon dès l’age de 9 ans. Elle a étudié le violon avec Sophie Arbuckle (au Mannes), Sviatoslav Moroz, et M. Wong. Elle est détenteur d’un baccalauréat (Drew University – Madison). Très intéressée par l’enseignement, Sophie enseigne le violon en privé depuis plus de 12 ans.


Sophie Sauveterre, a classically-trained violinist, is a music teacher in New Jersey. She has been teaching music privately, particularly the violin, since 2004. She began playing the violin and piano at the age of six and later began a more formal study of music at nine while at Mannes Prep. In college, she served as concertmaster for 2 out of 3 years in the Drew University Orchestra. Sophie has played in various orchestras and chamber groups and been involved in community outreach activities related to music in Asia.

Sophie currently teaches out of her home in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and at an exterior studio and school.

In her spare time, she considers maintaining a blog of everything that comes to mind minus x and sometimes even starts to do it properly. Beyond music, Sophie enjoys writing philosophical fantasy novels, reading books of all sorts, and creating art— and art-related things that are not quite art. One of her pet projects has been the Tirra Lyra Palette for watercolours.

Also, she felt forced to take a stage name because she shares a rather common name and profession with a Canadian composer for Chinese dramas. Sophie has been the victim of mistaken identity by excited fans of the aforementioned Canadian composer more than once.


I might show up on Instantgram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. I cannot seem to really get into doing social media, though, so I post rarely.

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