Custom Musical Compositions

Imagine your project with a custom soundtrack that evokes the emotions you want to elicit. Bring one of your video game players to think contemplatively about the fate of an NPC because the accompanying music solidified the importance of this character and melancholic pathos of her or his life. Emphasize how carefree someone’s personality is with an easy jig.

We can do that through sound.

I am a music composer who offers audio design and consulting services. I am capable of building on existing work from another composer when additional depth is desired. I also offer custom original compositions, arrangements, and transcriptions.

Are you ready to start your project? Add some musical depth? Send a message.

If you are interested in using existing FREE original music for your personal project, please explore my portfolio of musical compositions [Currently only Little Harp Pieces collection is back up.] or a Wedding Music Program [Read the text.], remember to credit me as “Sophie Sauveterre”, and then send me a message so I can check out your project!

Music Samples


Scintillate is a two-instrument piece used for a conflicted character in that uncomfortable place between childhood and adulthood. I used a music box-like sound and a simple melody and instrumentation to evoke childhood playfulness, nostalgia, and confusion.

Introduction to Nightmare

This commission for a video game is an example of building on an existing piece. The original composer’s piece for a scene where the protagonist awakes suddenly from a nightmare had less of the ‘panic!’ feeling than the text implied. I composed an introduction, limited by the existing music, to take place during the ‘panic!’ text. The original music takes place during the rest of the scene. The game designer was pleased that there was now a more hurried feeling to the scene’s beginning.

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