Oh Sita Hey Rama – Sita Ramam – Simple Violin in A major

This is a partial arrangement of “Oh Sita Hey Rama” from the movie Sita Ramam for violin. I think this piece was originally a vocal song in the Indian Telugu language composed by Vishal Chandrashekhar. This arrangement is in A major and definitely needs sliding as marked to duplicate the original feel. We need 5th position, a lot of quick shifting, and light bow strokes. The sheet music below was scored from this Youtube video up to 1:40, if looking at the beginning to m. 67, which is what my student performed.

As usual, this was a request from a student. There are additional measures after m. 67 that I decided to leave as a starting point for anyone who wants to go forward with the rest of the notes. After m. 67 is approximate (one listen and then scoring the notes) and may not be accurate; I stopped thinking about anything after the first note of m. 67 after we confirmed where we wanted to end the piece.

To download free sheet music for “Oh Sita Hey Rama” Song from Sita Ramam arranged for violin in A major, click here:


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