I work on a variety of projects. The creative process is sometimes streamed. Here are a sampling:

Miscellaneous Music

I would like to compose 24 hours’ worth of music. I am at about 9.75 hours of completed and recorded music, so I have many more hours of music to write. Some of the music is in my Portfolio of Compositions.

Sophie Sauveterre’s Violin Method for the Beginner

Sophie’s Splendiferous Violin Method is a violin method designed to entertain and and motivate young children who already know folk songs.

Music Arrangements

I enjoy arranging music from time to time. Well, I sometimes must arrange the music, or I will have a disappointed student! I tend to arrange traditional songs for myself and modern music for others. I offer my music arrangements under Sheet Music on this site.

Tirra Lyra

Unlike most of my other ventures, Tirra Lyra deals with physical objects. The idea is simple and attractive, with a little whimsy. The first and flagship product is a mini watercolour palette where the pans can be moved around. The next item will be bookmarks or picture holders, whichever one manages to get into production first! It started on Etsy, but I am trying to make better use of to move forward.

I of the Shining Hair

IotSH is a visual novel of the historical fantasy genre dealing with duty, obligations, and freedom. You are the younger sister to the current heir apparent after the death of your mother, the clan leader. When your sister upends the expected order of events by suggesting that she not follow as the next clan leader, what will you do? 29k words done, a little music written, and a lot of art needed.

Small Pardons | Small Excuses

Small Pardons is a novel I wrote when I was much younger. Small Excuses is the sequel. It is a very moral fantasy novel about mostly disciplined Rowena and her somewhat more chaotic little brother and their adventures in Lyra under the care of a tiny knight and a grumpy alchemist who might be a dragon in disguise! I rewrote Small Pardons a lot at a friend’s suggestion, but I have always liked it better the first way it was written. So, the first book may be re-rewritten and the sequel is still being written.


Crossroads is a novel set in another world’s future, where they have no governments and some people are wary of AIs. It is a fantasy-sci-fi world, where magic and code are both equally important. Vincent was called to another world to settle the conflict with his sister, a major advocate and developer of AIs, again. He resents this forced fate but may be resigned to it.

The Land of Dirt and Yummies

LoDaY is an educational visual novel about the life of a chicken from egg to, well, chicken. Just what sort of chicken depends on your decisions! Are you going to fly kites? Be a house-chicken? Answer the call of the wild?

No More Naked Sheep was initially created so that I could refresh what I knew and make fun of my own sadness about losing my former pet lamb, named Lambert after Lambert the Sheepish Lion, who did wear clothes, thank you very much. I introduced my Twitch viewers to the No More Naked Sheep Fund and then received my first donation to the No More Naked Sheep Fund. With money actually involved, this is now a sheepitarian (ovitarian?) effort with the same purpose: To encourage sheep to wear clothes.

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