Amazing Grace – Simple Violin in F Major

This particular sheet music for Amazing Grace is in F major, arranged for violin with all the fingerings, and includes chords and lyrics for use as a lead sheet. The tune itself is easy. It can be played all in first position. The harder things for an early player will be timing the triplet evenly, not misreading the ties, and remembering to do low 2s.

Amazing Grace is an older song and a hymn that was apparently first used to illustrate a sermon in 1773. The writer, John Newton, has a long and adventurous story for his life before he settled down and wrote hymns like this. In 1835, the William Walker known as Singing Billy set the words to a traditional tune called “New Britain”— and that is the tune most of know this song with.

This one is old. I can tell that not just by the date but also because the page is so cluttered. With Sibelius, I went through a “notes only” phase followed by a “I just realized I can add all this text!” phase. Nowadays, I try to avoid giving music with chords to beginner violin students because the chord letters confuse them. I also leave any down or up arrows to mark “low 2” or “high 2” for explaining and then marking in-person together.

To download free sheet music for “Amazing Grace” by John Newton arranged for violin in F major as a .pdf, click here:


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