Castle Crashers – Flutey – World Map – Simple Violin Arrangement Sheet Music

This arrangement of Flutey – World Map from Castle Crashers by The Behemoth is written for violin. In 2019, a student requested “Castle Crashers – Flutey”. I recognized Castle Crashers as the name of a game but was unfamiliar with what sort of game precisely and unfamiliar with the song. I showed this Youtube video to the student, the student confirmed it was what he wanted, and then I scored the sheet music below.

The key signature is D major, but there are a few accidentals in the piece. The rhythm is a little funny to read at, for example, m. 5 – m.8, but marking where the quarter beats fall should significantly help students who are confused.

To download free sheet music in .PDF form for Flutey – World Map from Castle Crashers by The Behemoth, please click the link below:

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