Chtíc, Aby Spal – Michna – Czech Traditional – Easy Harp or Lead Sheet Music in G Major

Chtíc, Aby Spal is often known as a Christmas carol under the English translated name “She Wants Him to Sleep” or “Wanting to Sleep”. I was told that the backstory is supposed to be Mary trying to persuade her baby to sleep. Chtíc, Aby Spal is a traditional Czech song composed by Adam Michna and published in 1647. According to the wiki, the original name of this carol was “Vánoční noc”, which I think means “Christmas Night”.

I learned this as a brisk thing and was surprised that it was actually rather slow when I heard the sung versions. Anyway, this version of Chtíc, Aby Spal is arranged for harp in G major. It is an easy arrangement. You could slow it down to make it sound more as it normally is known. The syllabification of the lyrics is according to my understanding of Czech; I do not have a high level of comprehension, so there may be errors.


The only stanza of six stanzas that I bothered adding to the sheet music:

Chtíc aby spal, tak zpívala synáčkovi

Matka, jenž ponocovala, miláčkovi:

“Nynej, rozkošné dětátko, Synu Boži!

Nynej, nynej, nemluvnátko, světa zboži.”


To download free sheet music as a .PDF for Chtíc, Aby Spal, a Czech traditional song by Adam Michna, as a treble lead sheet or easy harp arrangement, please click:

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