Final Fantasy VI – Terra’s Theme – Treble Lead Sheet

The sheet music offered here is for “Terra’s Theme” from the game Final Fantasy VI. It is composed by Nobuo Uematsu. This is a lead sheet, so chords are printed. It is for a treble instrument, so any violin, flute, etc. can use this. Although this is known as Terra’s Theme and is the theme for a character named Terra Branford, it is also the main theme of FFVI.

I had been told that this piece has two versions: one where it is played quickly and one where it is played slowly. I have never played the game, but I was told that the slow version is when the character is a slave.

When the piece is slow, it would do to play it somberly and contemplatively. Notes can ring out without distraction from the harmony, so pulling block chords once a measure can be effective. On the other hand, one could take advantage of the slowness to do something interesting with the left hand if using this to play on the harp/piano.

When the piece is played quickly, I think the chords sound well broken or blocked inversions with movement upward every quarter note to add a sense of hurry. It could also be single root notes insistently drumming on to get the feeling of movement and hurry.

To download free sheet music for “Terra’s Theme” as a lead sheet from the game Final Fantasy VI as a .pdf, please click here: Terra’s Theme – Final Fantasy VI – Lead Sheet – Full Score



Terra's Theme FFVI Lead Sheet 

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