Little Do You Know by Alex & Sierra – Sheet Music Arrangement for Simple Piano with Lyrics

The sheet music offered here is for “Little Do You Know” by Alex & Sierra (or is it “Alex and Sierra”? I seriously cannot tell.). It is arranged for simple piano. This version is as simplified as I could make it while somewhat preserving the feeling of the music. The limitation of trying to not make any octaves I think makes the sheet music less than it would have been, but it does make this more of “easy piano sheet music” than “sort of easy but you need to know these things first”. I did not add any letter chords, because the student this is for might as well practice note-reading if we are going to use a simpler version. It does have the lyrics written in, because I think that makes it a bit nicer.

I had audio problems at the time I transcribed/arranged this based off of this Youtube video, so I listened to it once and a few parts more than once before the sound died. Then, I continued by memory! I do like to think that I remembered most of it correctly. However, if any part is very different from the song, please let me know and I might return to edit it at some point.

The sheet music I originally tried to give my student for this song was arranged by Ben McTier. After listening to the actual song, it seems very close— but my student, who insists that she likes modern music such as this better than some nice Duvernoy or Czerny, thought that his version was difficult to read and play. Well, that is why we have “Easy Piano” and “Advanced Piano” and the things in between… and why this version on this page now exists.

To download free sheet music for “Little Do You Know” by Alex & Sierra as a .pdf, please click here: Little Do You Know – Arranged for Simple Piano with Lyrics – Full Score








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