Minuet in F – W. A. Mozart – Fully Fingered Easy Piano

The piano sheet music on this page is for a common and easy minuet by Mozart. It is often called Minuet in F, probably because it is a minuet in F major. This version is almost fully fingered and any missing fingering numbers should be very simple to deduce. I focused on the right hand when noting the fingerings. The piece falls under easy piano music, though the fingering here is a little more difficult than I would give to an early beginner.

I was originally thinking that I could give a “Subpar Fingering” version to my student and then ask him to figure out which line has fingering that could be improved, why, and how. If anyone wants to try that, I changed Line 2, Right Hand, to 1244, 1355, 12354, 43 in the Subpar Version. Whether or not your student does figure it out may be very age-dependent.

To download free sheet music for a Minuet in F Major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for piano— and pretty much fully fingered!— as a .pdf, click below:


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