Pirates of the Caribbean – Theme – Simple Violin Arrangement

This is an arrangement for the theme of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean for solo violin in the original key of D minor. It is composed by Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt. The arrangement is simple in that we are faithful to the original sound without further simplifications, but the rhythm makes this not “easy”. I would rate this as early intermediate or late beginner.

This is not written optimally in terms of time signatures, but I believe it will be easier for my student to read as I arranged it. The concept of 12/8 is new to her, so reading more than eighth notes in a /8 time would have been too much at once. It is all very well to say that it is a learning opportunity, but learning too many things at once can be confusing.

This was requested by the same student who requested any Pirates of the Caribbean song last year and ended up with Davy Jones. She was much more specific about what she wanted this time. I thought this would be easy to find an official or unofficial version of. There is an official orchestral version, which I have helped at least two students with (violin parts), but the official solo violin sheet music version? Well, the sheet music company the school uses did not send anything remotely related to “Pirates of the Caribbean Theme – Violin – Intermediate”, so I concluded that it did not exist and I was forced to write it out myself.

Unrelated to the music: I keep trying to spell “Caribbean” as “Carribbean”. I think it is because I usually use the /kuhr-RIH-bee-uhn/ rather than the /kaa-rih-BEE-uhn/ pronunciation, and the former seems more like there ought to be double ‘r’s.

To download free sheet music for the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean arranged for simple violin as a .pdf, please click here:


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    • Sophie Sauveterre

      If this does not resemble what you are thinking of, I think you are looking for a different piece. I grant that there may be a few differences in the notes compared to the original, but this score is largely based on what I played in 2004 in youth orchestra and what I have worked on with orchestra students as recently as 2018.

  2. Niamh

    Thanks so much for making this available! Forgot that my student had requested it for his last lesson and you’ve really saved my bacon. Great arrangement too, nice transition from 12/8 to 3/4 and great use of triplets. Thanks again!

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