Popcorn – Gershon Kingsley – Easy Piano Arrangement

This easy piano arrangement is shared by our kind friend Lubor Horák for non-commercial use. He previously shared Hernando’s Hideaway.

Popcorn, composed by Gershon Kingsley, was composed as an instrumental piece in the synth-pop genre. This easy piano arrangement is in C major and full of staccatos. (Our friend Lubor labeled this “easy” but then suggested that this might be “very easy”. I like to reserve the “very easy” description for piano pieces where the hands do not or minimally move or stretch, so I stayed with “easy”.)

The piece was originally composed in 1969 (Original version on YouTube here) for the album “Music to Moog By”. From the song’s ranking in 1972-1973 on the wiki, the rerecording in 1972 by “Hot Butter” may have been what popularized this piece. While researching the piece so that I could add a bit of background, I came upon a version played by the composer himself on the piano! It is always interesting to see how composers play their own pieces.

To download free sheet music for Kingsley’s Popcorn for easy piano, please click here:

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