Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter – Easy Piano Sheet Music Arrangement

The sheet music offered here is for “Hedwig’s Theme” from Harry Potter. It is composed by John Williams and arranged for easy piano. For an easier version, please visit Hedwig’s Theme for Very Easy Piano, which is transposed to A minor and requires only one key to be depressed at a time.

To download free sheet music for “Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter” as a .pdf, please click here:  Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter – Arrangement for Easy Piano – Full Score

Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter - Arrangement for Easy Piano - Sheet Music


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  2. Shelma

    This is so beautiful, my little 7 year old loves this so much. He’s longing for the second part. Any chance the second part is coming soon? He prefers this version over the A minor one. He can’t wait to play both parts. Thank you so much.

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