Trim Videos in Avidemux 2.6 PRECISELY

When Avidemux 2.6 refuses to let me crop, trim, or generally cut off precisely where you want my video’s frames end, I should change the video output mode to something that is not “copy”. It will re-encode the file so that it does not get stuck on keyframes or I-frame or whatever you want to call it on export. (I think I-frame is short for intra frame?). If I try to trim the video and do not change the video output mode, it keeps going to the closest preceding I-frame. I did not realize this the very first time, and I was very confused as I repeatedly saved and checked and found the result always identical.

However, re-encoding may decrease the quality of the video. So… I might want to only re-encode the front part and cut it off where I mean, import in the middle section? I have not tried that yet.

To change the Video Output, I have to click the dropdown under “Video Output” on the left.

Screenshot of Avidemux where I hit the dropdown on Video Output when I want to trim video.
There are a lot of video outputs.

Specifically, in order, I need to:

Pick my Point A.

Pick my Point B.

Change Video Output to any other mode.

Save the resulting file -and- check that the output video is correct.


I have not tested all the other modes, but I am almost completely sure that the re-encoding is what helps… so the particular mode should not matter. I should, however, eventually research what the difference between all those Video Output modes are rather than choosing a random one each time.

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