Ali-Shan and Variations – Traditional – Easy Harp Sheet Music Arrangement

The sheet music offered here is for “Ali-Shan”, a traditional Taiwanese folk song, and 3 variations to make it more interesting. This is an easy arrangement which can be played on a 22-string harp tuned to E-flat major. (I used my Stoney End Brittany the first time I performed my arrangement.) Like most other harp pieces, this version of the arrangement is suitable for pianos as well. If you are interested in the melody of Ali-Shan, take the top line of Section A only.

This is apparently a very familiar song to both Chinese and Taiwanese people, because pretty much everyone in that art gallery recognized it. I have also gotten good feedback when playing this in nursing homes in Taiwan.

To download free sheet music for “Ali-Shan and Variations” scored for Easy Harp as a .pdf, please click here:

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