Harp – Original Musical Compositions

This is a sampling of my harp music, in this case meaning my original compositions and not me playing some Irish airs. Most of these are part of my “Little Harp Pieces” series, designed for small 22-string lap harps.

Les compositions avec la harpe.

If you are interested in using this existing harp music for your project for free, this music is available to you under the Creative Commons license, where your only obligation is to credit me for the music. For a standard license where attribution is not desired or is otherwise impossible, it will be $25 per song and you will need to message me. To commission new original music, please send a message.

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  1. Andrea Steinlechner-Hain

    In the Morning and minature waterfall
    are two beautiful pieces, I would love to learn to play them too.
    I live in Austria and found you . Your harp music is so peaceful. Thank you

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