Bonny Jean – Traditional – Fingered for Harp in G Major or Treble Lead Sheet

Bonny Jean, one of many traditional reels known under multiple names (“Bonny Jane” and “Bonny Jean of Aberdeen”), is classified as a traditional Scottish reel. Though popular in the 1700s and the early 1800s, it may have fallen from favour given it was not commonly included in collections afterwards. This version is arranged and fingered for a harp tuned to G major. It can also be used as a lead sheet by any treble instrument.

The version I learned was from my harp instructor, who treated it as a reel. I did, however, find a very nice slow baroque-style arrangement on Youtube at by Ernst Stolz. In his video description, there is a link to one set of lyrics, which I had never seen before!

To download free sheet music for Bonny Jean arranged as a Treble Lead Sheet and Fingered for Harp, please click here:

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