Merry Widow Waltz – Franz Lehár – Easy Piano Trio Arrangement

This easy arrangement of Lehár’s famous Merry Widow Waltz in G major was put together for a children’s chamber music group. There is 3rd position in the violin part and chords in the piano part. It is slightly beyond beginner music, but it is only beginner shifting.

The Merry Widow, or Die lustige Witwe, is an operetta by Franz Lehár that premiered in 1905. It was wildly popular, and this particular song— simply known as the Merry Widow Waltz— is particularly well-known. The operetta is basically about how a wealthy widow finds a new husband. The people of Pontevedro hope that the titular widow will marry a Pontevedrin, which will keep her fortune in the country. Various people help with this scheming.

To download free sheet music for this easy piano trio arrangement of the Merry Widow Waltz by Franz Lehár as a full score or as individual parts, please click the links below:

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