Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean – Easy Sheet Music Arrangement for Violin and Piano

The sheet music offered here is for “Davy Jones” composed by Hans Zimmer from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. This arrangement is for a violin and with piano accompaniment. However, the piano and violin can each stand on its own as solo parts because both parts have the melody. To clarify the “easy” classification, the violin part is easy. The piano part is more difficult.

This is another of those student requests, as nearly all the modern sheet music offerings here are. “Do you mean the theme?” I asked, thinking of the rhythmic issues I had sorted out with a more advanced student for said theme. “Any song,” replied the requester succinctly. This seemed like one of the easier pieces to play from the Pirates of the Caribbean series, so it was chosen. (She later requested and received the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean.)

I have heard this referred to as Davy Jones’ lullaby, which it sort of could be in a haunting way. I just know that this melody is played by Davy Jones as he sits alone at his aquatic organ-thing. Also, he plays it with the tentacles on his face. Strangeness aside, it is usually while he is angry or sad or mourning his fickle love Calypso. So, the playing style should probably be very deliberate.

To download free sheet music, as in both score and separate violin and piano parts, for “Davy Jones” from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as a .pdf, please click here:

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