Final Fantasy X – Suteki da ne – Sheet Music Arrangement for Intermediate Duet: 2 Violins

The sheet music offered here is for “Suteki da ne” composed by Nobuo Uematsu from the game Final Fantasy X. The original has lyrics and is backed by a full orchestra. This arrangement is an intermediate-level duet for two violins. This particular arrangement debuted at MAGFest 2019, played by violinists from the Montclair Gamer Symphony Orchestra, but I unfortunately could not find any recordings of that performance to add here.

This was written to be fun to play for violinists. Subsequently, though arguably a “simple” arrangement, this is not an easy arrangement and is decidedly unsuitable for beginners. It requires simpler skills such as pizzicato, simple 2-string double stops, and slides but also needs octave and 4-string double stops, left hand pizzicato, 7th position, etc. However, they are brief where they happen, though important, so this is overall an intermediate-level duet.

Both players need to know where and when to play out and ease back and understand the implied dynamics besides the explicitly marked dynamics. Each rubato and following a tempo requires good coordination between the two players. Use eye contact when needed and coordinate! Watch your partner! Listen to each other! Essentially, do all the usual things people playing a duet should be doing.

To download free sheet music for “Suteki da ne” from Final Fantasy X as a duet for 2 violins as a .pdf, please click here:

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