Sleep, Baby, Sleep – Traditional Hymn and Children’s Song – Sheet Music Arrangement for Easy Piano

The sheet music offered here is for “Sleep, Baby, Sleep”, a traditional children’s song, hymn, and lullaby. It is arranged for easy piano. Like many other lullabies, this one is short and simple.

This version has both hands in C 5-finger positions. The chords may confuse students at first, but keep at it and encourage them! I told my students that they have to play this 3 times in a row because of the 3 verses, so it will force some stamina-building.

When I handed this out to students who requested hymns, there were two things I observed: Unsurprisingly, my students generally recognize this as a lullaby that they vaguely remember their mothers singing to them. Surprisingly, my students are not very familiar with this song and one initially said she did not recognize this at all!

To download free sheet music for “Sleep, Baby, Sleep” for Easy Piano as a .pdf, please click here:

To see the arranging process (this video is for Playmate Come Out and Play with Me and Sleep, Baby, Sleep):

Sheet Music for Sleep, Baby, Sleep for Easy Piano
Sheet Music for Sleep, Baby, Sleep for Easy Piano

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