Leliana’s Song from Dragon Age – Sheet Music Arrangement for Quintet: Soprano, Clarinet, Flute, Violin, Harp

The sheet music arrangement offered here is for “Leliana’s Song”, also known as “In uthenera”, from the game Dragon Age: Origins. The music is composed by Inon Zur. I arranged it for a quintet consisting of soprano, clarinet, flute, violin, and harp. It is rather simple in almost every part, with the only notable bits perhaps being that it requires fluttertongue on the flute at one section. I did score it a few pitches higher from the original piece, because I feel that it sounds more ethereal and haunting that way. It is heavily biased to the treble, for similar reasons.

My original program notes were: When “Leliana’s Song” is heard in Dragon Age, it is used to express feelings about the presence of death all around. A tragedy has just occurred, and the bard Leliana sings a song she heard at her mother’s funeral. It is sung in a fictional language, but the lyrics deal with acknowledgement of loss, remembrance, and hope.

Basically, Leliana’s Song is sung in the game shortly after you resolve a quest having to do with elves and werewolves. No matter how you do it, someone is going to die.



Fuurah, ah. [Basically vocalizing.]

Hahren na melana sahlin

Emma ir abelas,

Souver’inan isala hammin,

Vhenan him dor’felas,

In uthenera na revas


Fuurah, ah.

Vir sulahn ‘nehn,

Vir dirthera,

Vir samahl la numin,

Vir ‘lath sa’vunnin’.


Vir sulahn ‘nehn,

Vir dirthera,

Vir samahl la numin,

Vir ‘lath sa’vunnin’.


This piece was first performed by Montclair Gamer Symphony Orchestra members in their Fall 2017 concert.

If you want the separate parts, please do just contact me either through this site or by emailing me. I do plan to get the separate parts up eventually.



To download free sheet music for “Leliana’s Song” from Dragon Age: Origins as a .pdf, please click here: Leliana’s Song – Full Score



To see a video of the arrangement being performed:


To follow the sheet music:

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