Let It Go – Frozen – Simple Violin Arrangement

After Frozen was released, I heard Anderson-Lopez and Lopez’s “Let It Go” very frequently in the music studio. I still hear it now and then. And get asked if we can learn it now and then.

I wrote out a easy-to-read version for a beginner student back in 2014-ish; it was transposed and the rhythm was simplified, which I have since discovered often annoys students. There is a Frozen violin book, but its version of “Let It Go” is much too difficult for beginners and somewhat difficult for early intermediate because of the key signature and rhythm. More recently, another violin student asked for “Let It Go”, so I wrote out a more accurate version of the song, the one below.

This arrangement has the piano parts in small notes, so that a violinist can play those parts to fill in the gaps. I like the brightness of the E string at the start, but starting shifted (3rd Position) could mute the sound more for an “undercurrents” feeling. As typical, top fingering is the preferred and bottom fingering is the alternate. This version is scored in G major rather than Idina Menzel’s A flat version to simplify reading. Funnily enough, that is still sort of accurate, because the original was apparently in G! According to the wiki, G sounded too sultry and womanly, so they raised it a half step to sound more innocent and juvenile.

To download free sheet music for “Let It Go” arranged for violin as a .pdf, click here:

Let It Go – Violin Arrangement

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  1. Joanna

    Thanks so much Sophie for putting this together! It’s super fun to play. I love frozen so I often come to this piece from you to have a bit of fun on my instrument. (I know all of the words to this song! 😂)

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