Polly Willis – Arne – Traditional – Voice and Piano Sheet Music Arrangement

Polly Willis is a song with a traditional title and operatic passages. It was written by Thomas Augustine Arne back in the 1700s. I got tired of marking the piano slurs after starting a few, so use your judgement if acompanying. This is arranged in E major, so the voice has a low note of B below middle C and the E one octave above middle C, or B3 to E5.

I heard this performed in or around 2005, so a good 17 years ago. The tune was bouncing around my head lately, so I wrote it out. Given the long time since I heard it, there may be some mistakes. I am pretty sure this was in E major or F major when I heard it. I went with E major, as it seemed more probable given it is a vocal song.

To download free sheet music for Polly Willis by Thomas Arne for voice and piano, click here:

Polly Willis – Voice and Piano

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