O Come, All Ye Faithful – Traditional – Sheet Music for Piano with Lyrics or Voice

The sheet music offered here is for “O Come, All Ye Faithful”, a traditional Christmas carol, arranged for piano with all the lyrics between the staves. This carol dates back as far as 1751 and has been attributed to several authors. We do not know who really wrote it, but we know that it has been around for quite some time.

There is very little unusual about this arrangement; it is straightforward, which I judged better for accompanying a group of amateur singers. I simply made a score where the lyrics are all between the staves, which was simpler for me to follow. I used the standard 4-verse version I expected to hear rather than the extended versions that are occasionally played. (Indeed! If you did not know already, there can be 8 or 9 verses!)

To download free sheet music for “O Come, All Ye Faithful” as a .pdf, click here:

O Come, All Ye Faithful - Piano with Lyrics - Sheet Music

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