Ouga, Ouga ou Gâteau, Gâteau – Chanson enfantine d’Israël – Sheet Music Arrangement for Very Easy Piano and Easy Piano

This is my beginner’s sheet music arrangement for “Ouga, Ouga”, also known as “Gâteau, Gâteau”. C’est une Chanson enfantine d’Israël. I would classify the two versions as Very Easy Piano Sheet Music and Easy Piano Sheet Music.

I was preparing for possible short-term work in 2014 and chose this from among other pieces to arrange for very easy and easy piano.

Someone told me the lyrics are as follows:

עוגה, עוגה
במעגל נחוגה
נסתובבה כל היום
עד אשר נמצא מקום
לשבת – לקום
לשבת – לקום
לשבת – לקום
לשבת ולקום

To download free sheet music for “Ouga, Ouga” as a .pdf, click here:  Ouga, Ouga – Very Easy and Easy Piano – Full Score



Ouga, Ouga Sheet Music for Piano

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