Paganini – Theme from Witches’ Dance – Simple Piano Trio Arrangement

My 2020 plan for children’s chamber music included this arrangement of Niccolò Paganini’s well-known theme from Witches’ Dance. It is also known as Le streghe, and the original music can be found at IMSLP. My students had fun doing this (or so they said)! Unfortunately, Covid-19 interrupted the chamber music program.

This arrangement is a simple piano trio, made up of a piano, a violin, and a cello, where the piano and violin trade off the melody. I wrote it to be a little challenging for my beginner students. The violin part has double stops and 3rd position. The piano part has arpeggios.

To download the individual parts and the full score in one file for this arrangement of the Theme from Witches’ Dance by Niccolò Paganini, please clck here:

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